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A Comparison Of The Catcher In The Rye And The Adv Essays

A Comparison Of The Catcher In The Rye And The Adv Essays A Comparison Of The Catcher In The Rye And The Adventures of Huck Finn English A Comparison Of The Catcher In The Rye And The Adventures of Huck Finn by Keith Eich [emailprotected] There are a bunch of gramatical errors, but the paper got an A.. The forthcoming of American literature proposes two distinct Realistic novels portraying characters which are tested with a plethora of adventures. In this essay, two great American novels are compared: The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain and The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. The Adventures of Huck Finn is a novel based on the adventures of a boy named Huck Finn, who along with a slave, Jim, make their way along the Mississippi River during the Nineteenth Century. The Catcher In The Rye is a novel about a young man called Holden Caulfield, who travels from Pencey Prep to New York City struggling with his own neurotic problems. These two novels can be compared using the Cosmogonic Cycle with both literal and symbolic interpretations. The Cosmogonic Cycle is a name for a universal and archetypal situation. There are six parts that make up the cycle: the call to adventure, the threshold crossing, the road of trials, the supreme test, a flight or a flee, and finally a return. There are more parts they do not necessarily fall into the same order, examples of these are symbolic death and motifs. The Cosmogonic Cycle is an interesting way to interpret literature because is Universal or correlates with any time period and any situation. The Call to Adventure is the first of the Cosmogonic Cycle. It is the actual "call to adventure" that one receives to begin the cycle. There are many ways that this is found in literature including going by desire, by chance, by abduction, and by being lured by an outside force. In The Adventures of Huck Finn, Huck is forced with the dilemma of whether to stay with his father and continue to be abused or to leave. Huck goes because he desires to begin his journey. In The Catcher In The Rye, Holden mentally is torn between experience and innocence, it would seem to him that an outside force is luring him to do something but in actuality he is beginning his journey because of his desire. The Call to Adventure is the first step in the Cosmogonic Cycle, it is the step at which the character or hero is brought into cycle. The Threshold Crossing is the second step, it is the place or the person that which the character crosses over or through into the Zone Unknown. The Zone Unknown being the place where the journey takes place. The threshold crossing is often associated with a character change or an appearance change. An example of this is in The Wizard of Oz, when the movie goes from black and white to color, showing a visual symbolic death. A symbolic death is another part to the Cosmogonic Cycle of which the character goes through a change and emerges a more complete person or more experienced. In The Adventures of Huck Finn, a symbolic death is very apparent during the scene in which Huck sets up his fathers cabin to look like Huck was brutally murder. Huck emerges as a runway child and now must be careful of what he does, so that he does not get caught. Huck also tells people false aliases for himself so that no one knows his true identity. Every time that he does this he is symbolically dying and reemerges a more experienced person. In The Catcher In The Rye, Holden also uses fake names, but Holden symbolically dies through fainting, changing the position of his red hunting hat, and is associated with bathrooms. The bathroom motif, or the reoccurring appearance of a bathroom, symbolizes death for Holden because he enters bathrooms with a neurotic and pragmatic frame of mind and exits with a cleared mind. The use of symbolic death and motifs is associated with the Threshold Crossing, the second step of the Cosmogonic Cycle. The Road of Trials is the next step in the Cosmogonic Cycle, which are the obstacles which the character faces throughout the literary work. In The Adventures of Huck Finn, Hucks Road of Trials occurs on the Mississippi River. He faces many obstacles, including moral decisions of right and wrong, dealing with con-artists, and helping a runaway slave. He promulgates more experienced from his journey down the river on his raft. In The Catcher In The Rye,

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Why do we need so many different theories in accounting Essay - 1

Why do we need so many different theories in accounting - Essay Example It is therefore essential that this information is recorded and reported in such a way that it holds value for all its users. In this paper framework for accounting profession including different accounting theories would be discussed. Furthermore, an illustration of different accounting treatment based on different accounting approaches is also made in this paper. The accounting profession is based on values and conceptual framework that has been developed over the years. This conceptual framework incorporates different well established theories and principles which determine the methodology for recognising, measuring and recording of the company’s assets and liabilities. The framework also allows logical reasoning for addressing different accounting and financial issues and provides guidelines for incorporating the information related to these issues in the financial records. This ensures that a uniform approach could be applied to different classifications of assets and liabilities and the information that has been produced and verified can be depended upon for decision making. An accounting theory defined as â€Å"a coherent set of hypothetical, conceptual and pragmatic principles forming a general frame of reference for enquiring into the nature of accounting†(Hendriksen & Breda, 1992) therefore could be suggested to provide the necessary concepts, framework, principles, procedures, rules and regulations. Another way of looking at accounting theories is that they allow predicting accountants’ behaviour and provide basis for coherent accounting treatment of assets and liabilities. There are numerous accounting theories suggesting that there is no single comprehensive of accounting. They could be categorized into three broad areas that are 1) those providing explanation of accounting practices 2) those providing forecasts or predictions of impacts of future

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Declaration of Independence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Declaration of Independence - Essay Example There is no big difference between the initial Declaration and the final version. Most of the wording was retained as it was in the initial document. Very minimal alterations were made on the document. In comparing Jefferson’s initial Declaration with the final version, it can be noted that most of the alterations made were on the wording in the document. This was more for the purpose of clarity than for alteration of meaning of the words in the Declaration. Of the draft presented to Congress, only two passages were rejected directly by Congress. One of the passages referred to the English people in an inappropriate manner which did not go down well with congress since even the Americans were of British roots. The other passage which denounced slavery and slave trade did not please Congress as many members owned slaves and were not willing to set them free. The alterations of the wording in the document was to give the document a more personalized feel as will be explained by the following examples. Some of the alterations for example at the start of the Declaration where the article â€Å"of† is changed to â€Å"by†, was intended to bring out the aspect of personalization. The alteration of the words â€Å"sacred & undeniable† to read â€Å"self evident† may have been done to avoid the statement a religious feel. Some alterations were made for grammatical purposes to avoid unintended meanings from statements. This is evident in the second paragraph where the article â€Å"in† was deleted before the word â€Å"rights†. It is clear from this example that inclusion of the article would have given the statement a different meaning that was not intended by the drafters of the declaration. Other alterations may have been made to correct human error as in the case where Jefferson deletes the words â€Å"he has dissolved† from the beginning of a line he was writing. It is clear that this was because he was repeating the previous line and on

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Automobile Industry Essay Example for Free

Automobile Industry Essay †¢Key drivers of the automobile sector are economic conditions, governments and regulations, consumer demands and interests, globalization and technological innovations †¢Generally, if the economic conditions are constant and good, people will seems willing to buy vehicles more than ever in all around world. In contrast, if economic conditions are bad, sales graphs will reverse and companies start to lose money. Firms should decide right production numbers in every condition and this capacity exactly depends on economic circumstances. †¢People are more conscious about what they except from a car and firms must satisfy these needs to survive in this sector. Even luxury automotive brands start to produce low fuel consumptions engines, otherwise they will collapse rapidly. †¢As usual, globalization is one of the crucial key drivers of automobile industry like every sector. After the globalization, brands start to do partnerships with each other to enter the different markets and they develop new technological innovations more cheap and useful all around the world. †¢In addition to these factors, governments’ regulations are one of the major determinants of global auto industry. The country’s’ legislation about emissions, environment and recycling are the key factors of brands investments. In European Union, the mutual regulations order that emission rate is lower than other regions and as a result of that firms should produce accordingly to these legislations. The Automobile Market †¢The automobile industry has become important after the globalization because people want to travel with more comfortably, safely and rapidly with their cars. Concordantly, while automobile sector is developing in every part of it, the global transportation sector benefit from positively. For instance; Rolls-Royce is producing both plane and car motors and Volvo is producing car and sea boats engines too. So, firms help to enlarge and develop in every transportation tools, not only cars. †¢The automobile industry consists of fuel, tire, and insurance firms. Also, mostly the luxurious brands are working with ranking fashion companies such as; Gucci(Fiat) and Hermes(Bugatti) and sound system companies like as; Bang Olufsen (Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin) and Naim (Bentley). †¢On the other hand, after the globalization, automobile brands start to work together in some regions all around the world. They invest more money on RD departments and sharing their knowledge to improve all transportation vehicles. †¢Germany, United States, Japan and Korean producers are the bestsellers all around the world. These countries mostly take control all over the world. Such as: Volkswagen is one of the biggest companies in automobile sector and it has got several brands such as; Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Seat. Company produces car for every segment. †¢In addition, especially for the last decade, market start to tend to produce more clean motors which do not harm to the environment. Also, they try to produce completely using electricity engines for all vehicles and using solar panels. As a result of that, the concept of climate change cause occurs a new market in automobile sector. Key Country Markets †¢In this chapter of report, I will mention about Japan, United States, Germany and Korean automotive producers because Toyota and Honda from Japan are the best and most well-known brands, Volkswagen from Germany is the head of locomotive in this industry for all parts of it, GM and Ford are the biggest companies from United states and Hyundai, which is becoming more powerful in everyday from Korea. †¢Volkswagen is the second best seller in 2012 after the GM and they are in front of Toyota. Generally, German cars are best vehicles that showed by automobile specialists from all over the word in every segment. Volkswagen, (if we look at the Exhibit 1) has got several different brands like; Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, Bugatti, Skoda and Seat. They have product range from low-consumption cars to the luxury vehicles, as a result of that they are producing well- quality vehicles. †¢Toyota and Honda are the most favorable brands from Japan against to American and German manufacturers. Toyota Corolla is the world’s best seller mass production model and Toyota has got successful models as like Corolla too. In addition, Honda is one of the biggest and accomplished gasoline engine producers. Also, these two Japan brands are investing their money on hybrid and electric motor more than ever other brands. †¢GM is best seller brand in 2011, they sold approximately ten million cars and they have got various vehicle models. GM has got various brands such as; Chevrolet, Opel, Vauxhall, GMC, Buick and Cadillac. Also Ford is the one of the biggest key driver of the market. †¢Hyundai is one of the most developing auto brands for last decade. They start to produce well engines, comfortable and good looking cars. On the other hand, Hyundai is one of the biggest partnerships of Kia (%49. 2) which is the second biggest brand from Korea. †¢As we can see clearly, these 6 brands from 4 country of the world are the leaders of this sector. Also, they own various brands in their group and they are using this superiority against to the other brands. Sector Trends †¢Brands should produce low-consumption engines and obey emission and governments’ regulations to survive. †¢Nearly all automotive producers are using same technology on their vehicles; they need to work on these researches together to be more beneficial for humanity. For instance; Mercedes-Benz and BMW are sharing RD departments studies with each other and both of them working together to develop new technologies. †¢People are expecting more useful cars from producers like, they want both athletic and reliable vehicles, as a result of that firms has got new opportunities to create new model segments based on these requirements. †¢Transportation vehicles are developing in every day and automobiles is one of the crucial parts of this situation. Firms are increasing their sales number in every year and they need to satisfy their customers’ requirements in a perfect way. †¢Climate change is one of the determinants of this sector, so firms should pay attention to this issue seriously, they need to obey governments’ regulations and produce new technologies which will be not harmful for nature. †¢Hybrid and electric engines will be the most popular trends in this sector next decades; people would prefer clean engines and low-priced energy, so sector must be improved itself rapidly. Key Success Factor. †¢In this sector there are several success factor which is decided by people and worlds’ requirements; †¢Firms must produce more secure cars because, if we compare transportation systems, motorway is the most dangerous one and, the number of accidents’ proofs it. Brands should work together on security services. For instance; Volvo which is one of the securest brand on the world, claims that after 2020, any people will die in a traffic accident that drive a Volvo. †¢Engines success based on the fuel-efficiency, not harmful for the environment and being long-life. These conditions should be priority for brands RD departments. †¢Practicality needs to be developing parallel with previous items. People do not want to send various tools in the future; they will only buy contently vehicles. The Future Outlook and Expectations of Automobile Sector †¢People will need cars in the future more than now, producers’ need to satisfy this demand with new technology engines, they should create alternative energy resources which will be not harmful for the environment and firms need to develop safety features to prevent traffic accidents. †¢In the future people need transportation systems because of the longer distances, in every transportation way need to develop it. †¢Brands need to improve driverless vehicles because market will tend in that way. INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW The Automotive Industry Overview The automotive industry is one of the crucial sectors for humanity and it has been developing from industrial revolution to now. After the first engine was discovered in 1885 by Karl Benz, engineers found various inventions to make easier of people life. Industry had developed too much nowadays, engineers work on different technological tools and they need to show pay attention many different regulations in today’s world. At the beginning, the most important part was the engine but now automotive industry involves a wide range of business lines such as; manufacture, design, development, marketing and selling motor vehicles, motorcycles. Last year, there were approximately one billion cars which are registered on the world and this number is increasing sharply year by year. Parallel with that, consumes gasoline and diesel fuel multiply with every new car addict to the traffic. On the other hand, this sector employees thousands of people and creates new opportunities to undeveloped countries. In addition to these information’s about automobile sector, we should absolutely mention about the economy of which it creates and process. Currently, mostly the all automotive brands are owned by developed countries and they made their substructure investments all around the world, especially undeveloped countries. After the globalization, firms decide to set-up their factories at low skilled labor force countries. However, this decision affects both sides positively, producer’s limits cost and undeveloped countries’ economies start to develop. According to the OICA (The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers that, â€Å"If vehicle manufacturing was a country it would be sixth largest economy in the world. † in 2007. This shows that the contribution of automobile industry to the undeveloped countries’ economies. Also, the industries turnover 2 trillion dollars and if we comparing of this turnover of GDP with other economies in the world, proof that it can compete economic power of Italy, France or the UK. India is one of the greatest examples of the success at their economic improvement. Tata Motors, which Indian automobile brand owned Jaguar and Land Rover last year and they developed it perfectly in 2 years. After these 2 years, Jaguar and Land Rover increased their profitability nearly in half and when we think about these two brands are luxury brands, these numbers are spectacular. On the other hand, firms expanding nearly 85 billion dollars on Research Development departments. These budgets shaped by customer’s demand, so this sector is one of the innovative ones and it still produce new technologies. However, automobile sector has got unfavorable situations like; economic crises. If we make a research about when firms sales numbers decreased or companies made loss we will realize that on that era, world or the some regions is in economic crises. For instance; last biggest economic crises in 2008, when we look at the production number, it will decrease nearly %12. 7 compare to the previous year. These numbers are same with the other economic crises and automobile sector affect from them firstly. Key Country Markets United States. Todays’ world America is the one of the world’s biggest automotive producer with two brand; GM and Ford. GM has got various sub-brands in itself from different segments. These two brands sell their cars all over the world and both of them are most knowable automobile producers. However, in 2008, worlds’ biggest economic crises occurred GM was nearly bankrupt in an unbelievable way. This means, world would lost one of the old and essential brands, thousands of people would lost their job and American economy got hurt again after the Lehman Brothers. Hopefully; government decided to help GM and they saved the firm quickly. Japan Toyota is the most valuable automobile producer in the world; its net value is 131 billion dollars. Also one of the models, Corolla is the best seller model one the world and it has been sold nearly forty million from 1966 to 2012. In addition to the Toyota, Honda is another successful Japan auto brand too. They have got accomplished sales numbers and firm is producing one of the best gasoline engines. According to the consumers, Toyota could be the best competitor against to the German auto makers. Firm is producing in same quality with Germans but they are selling them cheaper than German brands. This is Toyotas’ major successful strategy also, company uses Japans’ engineering and technology which is the worlds’ best ones. They produced worlds’ first hybrid car and investing a huge part of their money on electric, clean and cheap motors. Germany The locomotive of the industry is Volkswagen right now and it will not change for two or three decades. Only the Volkswagens’ value is 76. 3 billion dollars and company has got several brands like; Audi (28. 5 billion$), Porsche (15.3billion$), Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Seat and Skoda. This German brand is producing most usable models with low-consumption engines, low prices and the safety of German engineering. Volkswagen is shaping the trends of the industry and other brands are following it right now. Firm has got different models from every consumer group and they make it an opportunity to be successful in the future. Korean Asia’s’ economy is the world’s fastest growing economy in nowadays. They are growing better than Europe and United States, as a result of those brands of this region are developing too. Hyundai is only the one of them; they are creating new models, developing current models and enter new markets. The firm move considerably forward when we compare a decade ago, their substructure and technological systems improver very well, also; they are producing more reliable and comfortable vehicles. This Korean brand will be one of the serious auto brands in the future if they are going in that way. Economic Impact of Automobile Sector The automotive industry has a big impact on every economy, it consist nearly every economy in the world. Every country in the world has got a part from this sector and thousands of people work in this industry. It is really crucial for transportation sector because, firms are using or developing same motors on different transportation vehicles. On the other hand, auto sector has got great impact on countries economy. If a country has got a factory or some service area about this sector, it will include a huge part of country’s’ economy. For instance; America worked really hard to save GM from the 2008 economic crises, they spend too much money because, if GM bankrupted, America’s economy will affect in deeply (if we look at Exhibit 3). Also, Ford decide to sale Aston Martin and Volvo at this era, these two brand had not good sales number and they will be harmful for the company if they do not sale them. Automobile brands have a great impact on country’s economy just like banks, executives should be careful about this issue seriously because it can be affect from economic crises easily so, they need to take a decision in long-term. Market Segmentation The automobile industry has a got long operation process; it has various segments in it. Firstly, R D department research what people need or what they want from a vehicle. After that, this part start to make prototypes or create stereotypes which engineers and designers can build on these examples. Designers work on cars aerodynamic, shape and how it looks. In addition, engineers work on substructure parts of the car such as; lights, engine, transmission and safety systems. While they are producing this prototype, they do various tests on car and finally they can send it to the dealers. Dealers, order number of cars and they prepare launches to introduce cars to the customers. After the sale of car, the service department starts to interest with car. They call them to the services periodically and customers can visit them anytime they have a problem with their car. Consequently, this industry has got major segment such as; R D department, designing and crating new technologies, before sale and bring together with market and customers. Finally, service department take care about our cars problem. Five Force Analyses Threats of New Entrants The automobile sector is could be most risky market on the world because you need to much money to invest on it, heritage is really important for customers and this sector is the first sector that affected from economic crises. Otherwise, without any new technology or price policy you will not survive much long and if someone decides to build up an automobile company, he/she will definitely work with local government. On the other hand, if someone wants to get this sector, he/she has got a change with new technological features. For instance; Fisker and Tesla are the new entrants at this sector and they invest their money on clean, hybrid and electrical engines. They also try to design good-looking car with solar panels and other recyclable energies. Bargaining Power of Suppliers In this case bargaining power of suppliers is not really strong. It is not powerful as healthcare sector or another sector because if people do not want to buy a private car, they can choose other transportation ways or the can choose nothing. However, in healthcare sector people absolutely need doctors, hospitals or medicine to survive but it is not same for this sector. In addition, globalization affect make peoples’ life easier and humans are used to it and buying a private car became a priority after purchasing a house. Generally, if a person owns a house, he/she will buy a car with how much money he/she got. This is the strongest part of the sector; unfortunately it has got negatives parts too. Bargaining Power of Buyers These sectors’ trends and demand is shaped by customer’s preferences, so the bargaining power of buyers is really strong. If humans do not like a model, they will not buy it and producers stop to produce it but if they like it producer need to produce it as much as it can to be successful. Right now, the demand on this sector is low-consumption engines and be not harmful to the environment so producers start to produce models and engines in this way, otherwise they cannot be able to sell a car. Availability of Substitutes In automobile industry, the availability of substitutes is not actually but there is only one way to change it is create new substructure concepts in the sector. For instance; Tesla and Fisker do that in a perfect way, they only focus on hybrid and electric engines and people recognize them with these concepts at everywhere. You cannot change industry but you can be able to change its direction. Intensity of Existing Rivalry There are many brands on the market, even in one country own more than one automobile brand, as a result of that the intensity of existing rivalry is really high. As I mentioned before that, there are five leader brands in the market but other big or small brands are successful as like them too. The most important think is the design of the automobile but now it has got no meaning because firms are usually work with same designers and models are not changing too much even in different brands. However, the most competitive concept is price policy according to the government’s tax payments systems. Key Success Factors for Automobile Sector There are different types of key success factor for automobile sector are based on the region, substructure features, purchase power. Producers need to show pay attention to these factors because it will determinate their sales numbers and profitability. The most important factor knows the region very well. I mean dealers and head quarter of the brand should be aware of the consumers’ requirements. Also they need to sale cars which are not be against to the governments’ legislations. For instance; European Union has got sharp and certain laws about carbon dioxide emission, so dealers need to focus on engines which are consuming few. However, United States not sign Kyoto Protocol, so they do not have any legislation for emissions right now, dealers can focus on high mass engines. In addition to the region, substructure features are crucial for auto makers because people always want to buy a car which has got advanced features even they will never use them. However, conscious consumer will demand low-consumption engines and brands need to produce engines according to that demand. In other words, firms need to decide their target audience perfectly and producing substructure features with these conditions. Lastly, the third factor is purchase power. In my opinion, this factor is the most crucial determinant in this sector because every brand starts to produce in same quality vehicles. However they need to know country’s economies and sale their models in that way (if we look at Exhibit 4). For instance; America one of the highest purchase power countries in the world and they really like to own cool, luxurious and spectacular cars, they can buy two three or even more than these number cars. In contrast, European nations have got the same purchase power but they want to buy one or two cars and they are looking to being useful, low consumption and quality vehicles. The Future of Automobile Sector In the future, transportation systems will be developing in all around the world because people want to move from A to B faster, comfortably, safely and cheaply. Producers need to know these requirements and produce car with these features. Firstly, brands need to focus on low-consumption cars, I mean hybrid and electric engines because they are cheaper than current technology and governments provide laws for this situation. Secondly, they need to produce safety cars than now because people will demand on secure system in the future. On the other hand, they need to produce usable cars such as Audis’ All Road, they have been developed for all road conditions and you can use them only in one car. Consequently, people will never forget or reject driving a car but producers need to answer climate, people and governments requirements. If someone produce a car with low price and costs with cover a long distance in a comfortably they will become the most successful brand in the world.

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A Raisin in the Sun Essay: Importance of Deferred Dreams

Importance of Deferred Dreams in A Raisin in the Sun      Ã‚   A dream is a hope, a wish, and an aspiration. Young people have dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. Parents have dreams for their children's future. Not all of these dreams come true at the desired moment - these dreams are postponed or "deferred". A deferred dream is put on the "back burner of life"(Jemie 219), and it matures to its full potential, and is waiting when you are "ready to pursue it"(Jemie 219). It is assumed that the deferred event, though later than hoped for, will eventually come true.    Deferred dreams are a significant component of "A Raisin in the Sun"; the word "dream" is used a total of fourteen times throughout the play. Mama, from "A Raisin in the Sun", experienced a "dream deferred" (Hughes). Mamas dreams were for the happiness of her children, and a new house. She and her husband Big Walter put everything they had into getting that house "with a little garden in the back" (Hansberry). When she gets the insurance payment after her husbands death and puts money down on a house in Clybourne Park, she is ecstatic. The dream was deferred many times. She and Big Walter simply didn't have the money to purchase a house and move out of the apartment. "I s... ...ill likely come true.    Works Cited: Hansberry, Lorraine.   A Raisin in the Sun.   New York:   Signet, 1988. Hughes, Langston. "Dream Deferred." Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense. Ed. Thomas R. Arp. Ft. Worth: HBJ, 1998. 637. Jemie, Onwuchekwa. "Langston Hughes." CLC. Vol. 35. Ed. Daniel G. Marowski. Detroit: Gale, 1985. 219-220. King, Martin Luther, Jr. "A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., ed. James M. Washington. San Francisco: Harper, 1986. Wintz, Gary D. "Langston Hughes." CLC. Vol. 10. Ed. Dedria Bryfonski. Detroit: Gale, 1979. 279-280.

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Introduction to Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is one of the ways doing research that involves only looking at the quality and not having any results that are quantifiable. This means that the conclusions that are made from a qualitative research are usually based on the secondary research, that is, other researches and conversations have to say. Qualitative research deals with either going through older researches that have already taken place and then using them as a support for taking interviews and focus groups of people or the target market that the research is looking for. This is the main objective of any qualitative research.â€Å"Qualitative is one of the two major approaches to research methodology in social sciences. Qualitative research involves an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and the reasons that govern human behaviour. Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research relies on reasons behind various aspects of behaviour. † (Wikipedia, 2007 ) Introduction to the Research The research that has been picked up for criticism is that which was done by a student on the garment industry in the subcontinent. There are a number of problems that are faced in this industry and there is not a lot that if happening from the WTO side.This is what the research carries further. Criticizing a Research Firstly, looking at the introduction of the paper, it does not explain the garment industry completely. The paper begins with a lot of numbers being thrown such as the garment number in the United States of America. Whenever, a research is conducted it is necessary that the researcher ensure that the secondary research be comparable to that of the research that is being conducted. If the research is being conducted about the subcontinent then there is a need that the garment industry of another developing country be analyzed rather than that of a developed country.The researcher must be careful when choosing such secondary data because it could be damaging to the results of the research. Another problem with the research’s introduction is that the explanation is too brief. The introduction is supposed to do a complete overview of the industry at to what the major products are and what are the current problems in this industry. Yet another point is that at this stage, the researcher should have provided some numbers of the subcontinent in a valid format so that the reader would have a better idea of the situation in the garment sector.The researcher is not going with a flow. There is a need to take up a complete flow of the information and ensure that there are no dead ends to the text. The last sentence of the research does not go with the entire introduction and it seems too abrupt and a lot of rephrasing is required. The next section of the research is the introduction of the WTO. According to a reader’s understanding, the introduction of the WTO should have come before that of the garment industry because the WTO would then be relat ed in the introduction of the industry, which has not been done.The introduction of the WTO is not a complete flow of statements but is rather just a list of the events that had occurred for WTO. The researcher should have taken out time to phrase the numbers and the events into statements so that the reader would be able to make sense of the format of the paper. There are a number of abbreviations that have been provided in the research but there is no glossary at the end of the research that explains what each abbreviation means. There are also no definitions of the operational terms that have been used throughout the research.The paper then goes about discussing the problems in the garment industry. There is no flow of the information and there is a lot of abruptness in the paper. Any reader will not understand what the research is about which also leads to another point. Any research always has an executive summary attached in the beginning of the paper so that the reader can ha ve a quick preview of the contents of the paper, also by looking at the table of contents, and understand the matter of the paper, whether it is worth reading or not.This is exactly what this researcher must also have done when he / she must have looked for articles. It is impossible going through the main matter of all the researches that a researcher would include in the secondary data. At first the researcher will look for understanding the article’s overview and then consider it as a source of data. To help guide the reader throughout the research, the researcher should have provided a clear summary of all the terms that are being used in the paper along with a few major points of the research as to what is being evaluated.There is no clear indication of what the research aims to look for. â€Å"Simply put, it investigates the why and how of decision making, as compared to what, where, and when of quantitative research. Hence, the need is for smaller but focused samples rather than large random samples. From which, qualitative research categorizes data into patterns as the primary basis for organizing and reporting results. † (Wikipedia, 2007 ) The researcher has then gone into providing recommendations and solutions to the two problems that were identified in the research.The solutions have been described very technically with a lot of understanding and analysis and it seems that the researcher knows what is being talked about. However, there is still some discrepancy on the sentence phrasing. The researcher has concentrated upon the branding side of the garment industry and there are a number of terms that are used here as well. However, there is a need to note that the researcher did not help the reader understand the whole situation first before providing the recommendations. The reader must know what the situation is like and what has currently been done for such industries that are not flourishing.There are a number of problems with the way the research is carrying forward because a reader would be unable to follow the whole idea and analyze it. The researcher has provided a lot of insight into the research such as the different options that are available to the industry to take control of such as branding themselves so that there would be a lesser possibility of competition from the foreign brands that have taken over such as Nike. The suggestions have proved to be quite helpful but then there is the problem of the researcher jumping from one section of the paper to another.There is a lot to provide to the reader and it seems like the researcher was unable to put it in a logical manner. Arranging information in a logical manner is a very important part of research because there is a lot of text that is going about and there is a need to keep the reader on track and help him / her understand every bit of the research. There is a requirement to follow these guidelines so that the research can be deemed helpful and successful and help in future researches on the same topic if there is any.The next thing that the researcher has jumped to is the external analysis of the industry. This should have been done before the whole introduction to the problems because there are a number of readers who would not have an idea of the factors that may affect the garment industry. The same problem occurs when the researcher is talking about the value chain analysis and this is why there could be a lot of problems with the technique that the researcher has used for placing the information. There is a need for the researcher to have a second look at the stream of information being provided.At the end of the paper, there is a description of a store that is currently selling clothes in the subcontinent and has been very successful because it deals with a brand and this is why the company is also facing a lot of brand equity. The conclusion of the paper was not available and hence, there is nothing that could have been drawn from the whole paper that was read. There was also no referencing that was done at the end of the paper. Such a violation would cause plagiarism which is not considered as lawful. References Wikipedia. (2007). Qualitative Method. Retrieved on May 10, 2007 from: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Qualitative_method

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Capital Punishment Is An Appropriate Method Of Punishment...

Capital punishment as it is administered in the United States is not an appropriate method of punishment. This is not an appropriate method because it causes more bad consequences than good. The cost of the death penalty far out costs the money needed to keep a person in prison their whole life. This form of punishment is old and barbaric. The death penalty causes corruption through the judiciary system by the jury and lawyers. There is a chance of putting an innocent person to death (Messerli, 2016). Any form of punishment that hurts the functioning of our country or takes away a basic human’s right to life, is not an appropriate means of punishment. A punishment that would hurt the functioning of the government would be one that cost its taxpayers more money or causes disrupt through corruption. And everyone is born with the basic human right to life and no one should be able to infringe on that. The death penalty cost the states more money to operate the execution then it w ould to leave the person to live the rest of their life in prison. In Nebraska, an estimated $14.6 billion dollars are used to maintain the capital punishment method (Dealth Penalty Information Center, 2016). It is also said that taxpayers have to pay approximately $1.5 million more dollars a year to have people on death row then to just have them sentenced to life in prison. The state spends an average of 0.61% more tax money on appeals and court costs. A case in which death penalty is sought atShow MoreRelatedIs Capital Punishment Immoral? Essay1525 Words   |  7 PagesIs Capital Punishment Immoral? In a Kantian world with moral laws, capital punishment does not seem to be a theoretical solution for punishing murders. But when someone does commit murder those individuals render their rights, and henceforth would acknowledge their action with consequences, such as capital punishment. Jeffrey H. Reiman presents various arguments against the use of capital punishment with no adequate evidence of effectiveness, but I disagree. Capital punishment is a reasonableRead MoreCapital Punishment Is Cruel And Unusual1092 Words   |  5 Pagespeople believe that capital punishment is cruel and unusual. It is the only punishment that can truly compensate the loss of a loved one. In recent years, the rate of serious crimes has increased. The increase of crime is the result of less effective punishment. Dating back to early civilizations, capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, was viewed as an effective punishment. Yet today’s society it is viewed as cruel and inhumane. I believe that capital punishment should be executedRead MoreCapital Punishment : An Unnecessary Practice1630 Words   |  7 PagesCapital Punishment: an Unnecessary Practice I. Introduction The debate of whether the capital punishment is morally and politically appropriate has historical origins. The practice of capital punishment in America started when British settlers discovered the new world and created the first American colonies. Despite of the practice of the death penalty being ancient, capitals crimes have changed over time. Throughout the eras, the abolitionist movement against the capital punishment has been presentRead More Capital Punishment Essay1685 Words   |  7 PagesCapital Punishment Works Cited Not Included Capital Punishment was basically thought of for the good of society. The objective of Capital Punishment is to stop people from committing violent and offensive acts. Capital Punishment or the death penalty has failed however, to prevent or discourage crime. Moreover, it is cruel and gruesome. At present there are five methods of execution. The most commonly used form of execution is by lethal injection. In this method the convict is first injectedRead MoreRole of Capital Punishment in Modern Criminal Punishment Essay examples976 Words   |  4 PagesRole of Capital Punishment in Modern Criminal Punishment Capital punishment has continued to be used as the major punishment for convicted felons for a long time now. However, it has been a subject of controversy in recent years and has been seen as an inhuman mode of punishment in the modern era. This is because of the various legal challenges it faces and the methods used in executing the punishment, which include the use of a firing squad, lethal injections and the electric chair among othersRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is The Practice Of Executing People As Punishment For A Specific Crime Essay1146 Words   |  5 Pages2D 7A:Capital punishment is the practice of executing people as punishment for a specific crime. Throughout history, people have been put to death for serious criminals. Methods of execution have included such practices as injection, shooting and other forms. 2C According to Amnesty International (2007), ninety eight countries have abolished capital punishment. This proportion accounts for most of countires in the world. The death penalty is the most controversial penal practice in the modern worldRead MoreHistory of Capital Punishment in America779 Words   |  3 PagesCapital Punishment, the process by which the government takes the life of an offender for crimes committed against humanity. Capital Punishment also referred to as the â€Å"death penalty† has played a role in the correctional process dating back to 1608 in Jamestown. Over the years the use of Capital Punishment has fluctuated. Like most areas of corrections the death penalty has become reformed and altered to needs of modern day society. Like most controversial issues the majority of people haveRead MoreThe Capital Punishment Arguments888 Words   |  4 PagesDEATH PENALTY ARGUMENTS Introduction to the Issue Capital punishment is one of the most controversial issues in contemporary American criminal justice administration because it consists of the purposeful taking of the life of another. On one hand, killing for any reason besides the absolute necessity of self-defense violates the moral principles upon which modern society is built. On the other hand, there are criminals whose conduct (including the wanton murder of others) justifies suspensionRead MoreThe Abolition of Capital Punishment in Australia1014 Words   |  5 PagesAustralia in 1967 of Ronald Ryan and the abolition of capital punishment in Australia in 1973 imprisonment has been the only option as a sanction for murder. A survey conducted in 2009 demonstrated that a clear majority of Australians (64%) believed that imprisonment should be the punishment for murder as opposed to 23% stating the death penalty should be used and 13% did not wish to comment. The death penalty is not an effective punishment for all cases and th ere has not been any solid evidenceRead MoreCapital Punishment Has Always Been A Major Controversy1710 Words   |  7 PagesCapital punishment has always been a major controversy ever since the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, became extremely popular as a use of â€Å"punishment† for ones illegal actions. The death penalty was first established during 1834 for crimes committed such as â€Å"idolatry, witchcraft, blasphemy, murder, manslaughter, poisoning, bestiality, sodomy, adultery, man stealing, and false witness in case rebellion† (Bohm). According to Bohm’s article